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Save $167 By Paying In Full!

Bravery University
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$97 /month for 12 MONTHS
Bravery University
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What kind of support does this come with?

You’ll have access to an exclusive, private Facebook group where you can ask for help from the Woman-101 staff and other Wise Owls in the making such as yourself.

Stacey A. Storino, Esq. is also in the Facebook group as often as she can spare in order to help out her Wise Owls, too.

How much are the course updates?

There are NO fees for course updates.  Put another way, there are FREE updates for life!

Is the price an annual fee?

NO.  The price of the course is a one-time lifetime enrollment fee.  You will be enrolled for life and will also receive all future updates in the course FREE, as well.

If the price of Bravery University ever increases for new enrollees, that price increase of course will NOT apply to you, since you already paid for your one-time, lifetime, enrollment fee…nice, right?

Do you sell the Modules, Lessons or Bonuses separately for a discount?

NO.  Unfortunately, the way in which the Modules, Lessons and Bonuses flow, they are all part of a bigger picture that gets built upon, step by step, throughout the whole of Bravery University.

If they were sold separately, the 30,000-foot view approach you’re urged to take wouldn’t make sense.  Plus you wouldn’t likely appreciate why you need to drill down the way you’re guided to in Bravery University, and how every piece of the puzzle fits together, in the way in which they fit together…and why they fit together in the unique configuration that they do for YOU versus someone else who takes the program.

Honestly, Bravery University represents a holistic strategy to reengineer your life both personally and professionally.  There’s no way we’d be comfortable selling things piecemeal; therefore, we sell all of the Modules and Lessons as one large Master Class, so that things can actually work for YOU.  #trust

Who is Bravery University NOT for?
  • Bravery University is NOT for anyone who is expecting “overnight results” with “very little work/effort involved”.  Come on…this isn’t some two-second, two-dimensional transformation sham course! With Bravery University, you’re given the master plan that leads you to create the EXACT blueprint for courageous change that works best for the unique individual that YOU are…but only YOU can actually do the work and yes, that involves doing some soul-searching and actual work (homework or other hands-on sort of work).  That said, Bravery University can take TONS of time off of your learning curve and can get you where you want to go in a very efficient way!
  • If you have a negative, crappy, elitist, know-it-all attitude, do everyone a favor and DO NOT JOIN Bravery University.  Please don’t!  Life’s too short!
  • If you’re looking for a sort of “magic fairy dust” type of intervention, this isn’t for you.  Bravery University will likely expose you to both things that you already know AND things you may never have considered; it certainly may ask you to do things that you probably don’t already do.  BUT…Bravery University as a whole is the “secret sauce” to gaining workplace swagger without downloading unnecessary drama.  It’s a proven step-by-step system for success BUT if you’re lazy and have no intentions of following through on much of anything…well, not only is Bravery University not for you, but nothing would be.
Is there really anything inside this course that I don't already know or couldn't find online for free?

C’mon, you know you can find any information you want to online BUT it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy and it’s definitely NOT always true or from a trusted source (like, say, a licensed attorney AND certified life coach such as Stacey A. Storino, Esq.).

Plus, you know there’s a lot of bunk or completely false information out there…and you could be missing out on certain critical data online or might end up chasing down blind alleys.  Who has time to waste?  Who wants to get life coaching from someone who isn’t smart, can’t be vetted or who doesn’t have a proven track record?  Seriously…not you.  Stacey’s the real deal, sister…and so is this course.  #goforit

Is this worth the money?

Well, how valuable is your time?  This course can save you weeks (or even months) of time researching and learning how to be a better, braver businesswoman…which of course means you could end up saving a lot of missed revenue that might be attached to your transformation.

Seriously, if you’re committed to mastery and willing to go deep, what you’ll make as a braver, better businesswoman could easily cover the cost of the course.  And…of course…how valuable is your sanity?  Let’s get you right-side-up in life…because once you’re feeling fantastic, how priceless is that?

How long will this take?

You’re very likely a very busy, very important woman to begin with…and now you’re going to add to your to-do list?  Uh-oh.  We get it.  The cool thing is that you can commit as much time to this project as you can each day, even if it’s just a few minutes a day, and go at your own pace.

That’s just one of the benefits of electronic life coaching over live life coaching…if you’re in the middle of one of Bravery University’s lessons and you have to leave because your super-stressful work situation calls you away… well, gee.  There’s no harm done.  Come back to the lesson whenever you can.  There’s need to reschedule with anyone because you had to bail…you know, like you would with a live life coach…who’s also probably costing you several hundred dollars an hour, to boot.

Many of my students who put even a few hours’ time into Bravery University can see and feel great results inside their first week!

But you have lifetime access…so go at your own pace, my friend!

Can I do this?

If you’re worried about the tech side of things, don’t be worried. This isn’t complicated.  The videos are easy to access and you have lifetime access to the program.  You’re not rushed.  Nothing’s going to be taken away from you.

Plus, nothing’s drip-fed…you get access to everything right away.  Updates are made available and you get emails about those as they appear.  You’re never left in the dark.

This is NOT complicated…there’s 10 Modules because we go step-by-step.  This course was created to walk you through the most basic beginner steps to more advanced strategies to become the better, braver businesswoman you’ve always wanted to be.  Just go at your own pace.


If you hired a certified life coach who understands both what it’s like to be a woman working in some of the most punishing corporate cultures on Earth as well as the ways in which to protect oneself against workplace bullying, hostile work environments, sexual discrimination and/or harassment, etc. you would pay at least $5,000.00 for their services.

Plus, it would be rare for you to find someone who is both a certified life coach and a hardcore litigator since 1998 such as Stacey A. Storino, Esq. and then you’d have to hope that she (or someone like her) would even have the time to coach you.  Rates for this sort of detailed expertise, geared for women working in the top-percentiles of their industries are easily $300.00 per hour or more.

Most likely, if you hired a life coach without the specific experience necessary to properly guide a woman working in a white collar, white shoe, ivory-tower and/or super-high-stakes business environment, they would give you guidance that’s really best used by men (yes, there IS a difference in terms of the advice that similarly-situated women would require).  Even worse, after following that coach’s advice, you’d likely fail miserably and wonder why, perhaps drawing the conclusion that no one can help you and that you’re just a lost cause, it’s all your fault, etc.

Meanwhile, that’s not true.  The only female certified life coach who is also a litigator with 17+ years of experience is Stacey A. Storino, Esq., who is the founder, President and CEO of Woman-101, the company that stands behind Bravery University, which is the only comprehensive program of its kind for working women just like you.

ZERO RISK! 30-Day Guarantee!


The task of reengineering yourself, both personally and professionally, to be a better, braver businesswoman should be as easy and positive of an experience as possible.  We stand behind Bravery University.  Test-drive it for 30 days and if you’re not happy, or you feel it that it isn’t for you, we will refund 100% of your money.  We know that you will love it, but, yes, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee nonetheless.

invest in yourself, you’re worth it!



Save $167 By Paying In Full!

Bravery University
Full Details
Payment Plan
$97 /month for 12 MONTHS
Bravery University
Full Details